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Colour 4 Peace - Digital File  

Due to the climate of war that Israel now finds itself in since October 7th 2023, Colour Your World Israel has put together a digital colouring-in file, 'Colour 4 Peace' in the hope that it brings and spreads light, love and colour during these very difficult, dark and traumatic day for the citizens of Israel and Jewish people around the world.


The images showcase many of the affected regions in the currect conflict including the Western Negev which borders Gaza, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the Northern Diregion. Each image has a short explanation about the site or place at the bottom of the page. 


WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 16.05.24.jpeg

** 18% of Digital File sale will be donated to those who have been evacuated to the Central Arava from the Gaza Border Region **

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