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About Colour Your World Israel and the Artist

Tali, the artist

About Colour Your World Israel


Colour Your World Israel has allowed me to combine all my passions and showcase the many narratives, places and flavours, cultures and beauty of Israel in a unique way which have been greatly inspired by my time living in, learning about and traveling around Israel.

Colour Your World Israel products are designed to give everyone a unique experience of Israel through creative expression and colour. Whether you colour-in while visiting a site, to unwind after a day of touring, or take them home as a souvenir, the black and white images will give you the opportunity to create memories and impressions by adding the colours of your world!

Our creations can also be personalized for companies, small businesses or events to:

  • Use as a promotional or marketing opportunity

  • Enhance an activity or experience

  • Give as a present / souvenir at the beginning or end of a tour or special occassion

Click here to shop our products - the colours of your world are waiting to shine!

About the artist - Tali Amir

I love to create, educate and explore new places. 

I am an Artist, Teacher and Tour Guide.

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, and made Israel my home in 2012.

From a young age I was always incredibly passionate about art, studying Art Education at the University of New South Wales, which included a year at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. This allowed me to explore artistic mediums and fostered in me a love for illustration, design and colour. 

I love Israel - its history, diversity, culture, beauty and people. In 2015, I became a licensed Tour Guide with the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and now manage with my husband, a tour company, AmirTours (

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Colour Your World Israel is proud to have worked with the following organizations / companies 

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