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This year, 'Yom HaMispacha' (Family Day) is on Friday February 9th (30th Shvat). On this day, Israel honors the family unit. 


'Family Day' was once called 'Mother’s Day' - a day that was dedicated to thanking mothers for taking care of their homes and families. However, in the 1990s, a decision was made to change the name and focus to 'Family Day'.


The change of name reflected the changing nature of the family unit as Israeli families were becoming more diverse. Today there are many single-father families, single-mother families and families with two fathers or two mothers. 


This year Yom HaMispacha is going to look very different for many families across Israel. To bring some comfort and love to the children of families who will never be the same after the events of October 7th and the past few months, Colour Your World Israel and Telepele World of Fairies invite you to purchase a 'Spread the Love 360' package which includes receiving a 'Spread the Love' package as well as donating one to a child who has been affected by the war.  


The 'Spread the Love' package includes an Ahava (love) colouring in drawstring backpack by Colour Your World and a handmade needle felted Love fairy by Telepele world of Fairies. 


About the Ahava Colouring in Drawstring Backpack: 

The canvas drawstring backpack comes with 4 Artline markers to colour in the image. 

About the Love Fairy:

The Love Fairy is hand made by the technique of needle felting. The fairy comes with a string so it can be hung in your chosen location to spread some much needed love that Israel and the word needs right now. 


To view more of Ilanit's creations:

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